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What I Wore Wednesday – 2nd Edition July 28, 2011

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It’s been a couple of weeks, but I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

We went house hunting again today.  So I wanted to wear something that was pretty comfortable [my favorite part about maternity clothes…everything I have owned so far has been extremely comfortable!], but still cute.  So I went with this.  I’m not very good at throwing together super cute outfits with lots of pattern and designs and such, but I’m pretty good at getting some color in there, so the purple cami did that for me today [along with the green and silver jewelry because if I haven’t mentioned this before, I love jewelry!!]

Brown Shirt – Liz Lange Maternity, Target

Purple Cami – Kohl’s

Jean Capris – Oh Baby, Kohl’s

I’ve also made a new rule for myself: When Viola goes down for her nap [usually about 11 a.m.] I have to get into real person clothes [read no more sweatpants, t-shirts, scrubby clothes].  So, Viola goes down for a nap, Mommma puts on grown up clothes, and the TV has to stay off.  It’s good motivation to get things done!  Sometimes I do bloggy things, sometimes I scrapbook, sometimes I clean [I’m sure I will do more of the cleaning/organizing/house stuff once we move into our new home].  I find that when I give my day a little more structure, I get significantly more done.  So, I put this out there, my bloggy friends, in order that I will continue to do this and check in with you to let you know if I am succeeding [or failing].


What I Wore Wednesday – Edition #1 July 6, 2011

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So the way I got linked up to What I Wore Wednesday is kind of a round-about thing.  Hayley at Tiny Twig has a great blog that I enjoy following.  She linked up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy who started What I Wore Wednesday.  I think it’s a great idea to motivate me to not wear sweatpants and a tank top every day of the week.

With a one and a half year old running around and another baby on the way, it’s sometimes easier to just roll out of bed and throw on sweatpants.  But I look better and feel better when I wear something cute…especially now that I can show off my bump.

Shirt – Target

Jeans – Motherhood Maternity

Earrings – street fair in Nyack, NY

Necklace – Lia Sophia

Sandals – Payless

Sunglasses – docks at Dale Hollow Lake

And that is my first edition of What I Wore Wednesday.  Looking forward to continuing this challenge.