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Last August 23, 2013

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It’s Five Minute Friday time again. A time to clear your mind and write from your heart. A time to gather a community of women across the web and across the world and pour out our words as an offering to the One who gave us these words.

Today’s word is


As I thought of this word, so many things came to my mind.  So many different definitions and different meanings.

And then I thought of my Nana.

I thought of the last time I was with her.

The last days before she went to be with her Savior.

The last time I lay in bed next to her and we spoke of things of great and very little significance.

And we spoke of our last name.

The last truly significant thing she said to me was that she was so glad that I was a part of this family. She told me that she hoped I never let anyone make me feel less a part of the family because I wasn’t born into it. I was chosen into it.

And I thought of what she left behind. The things that would last long after her body was gone from this world.

Six sons. Hard working, God loving men who love their wives and their families. Men who are leaving a legacy of faith and love.

Nana wasn’t a very religious person. She didn’t really like church, and she certainly didn’t care for self-righteous people [she had enough of that in the church she grew up in]. But she knew how to love. And she knew that God is love. And she taught that to her kids and grandkids.

Eleven grandkids in fact [including my step-cousins, who are family because Nana taught us that family has a much broader definition than blood.]

There are now thirty nine…yes, you read that right…39 in the great-grandchild generation. With one on the way come October. And one on the way in the great-great-grandchild generation.

When she was still living, she sent a birthday card and a Christmas present to every single grandchild and great-grandchild…usually the present was something she had made herself. She always had each of our favorite candies on hand when we came to visit. One time when I was little I left my blankie at her house. It got home before we did.

We have our flaws and our drama, plenty of issues to go around.

But we know how to love.

And that is the thing that Nana taught us that will last beyond even our life times.


My dad and his brothers. [You definitely can’t tell they’re related. 😉 ]


5 Responses to “Last”

  1. What a beautiful legacy she gave you! I have 5 sons – I would have loved to talk to her about what it is like – this raising of all boys to men:)

    • I wish I had more of her wisdom to share! Especially now that I’m raising two babies of my own [both girls, so a bit different, but still the same general principles!] Good luck with all of those little men! Also, check out thetinytwig.com She has 4 little boys, and, in my opinion, lots of wisdom on how to raise them.

  2. Becky Daye Says:

    What a sweet tribute! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Sally Herkel Says:

    That was very well said. A nice tribute

  4. AJ Collins Says:

    This is sweet! I love a family heritage that is strong in LOVE! What a blessing to be “chosen” into a family such as that!

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