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Dear Mom, I Get It: Vacations August 20, 2013

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Growing up we did a lot of family vacationing.

We had a popup camper [old school and totally awesome!] that we would load up, and then we would head out on the road. We toured the U.S. with that camper pulling behind.


[Ours probably wasn’t this fancy, but you get the idea.]  Source

Niagara Falls


Washington D.C.



All over the midwest

And many more that I’m not remembering at the moment. [After all, I was still in elementary when we sold it.]

I have some great memories of camping together as a family and seeing the sights and sounds and wonders of the States. My grandparents [Mom’s parents] often came with us, too.  And we still tell so many stories of those really wonderful [and sometimes totally awful….like the time we put the camper up and it was 10 p.m. and it was 100 degrees and we hadn’t had supper yet. Or the time I got a splinter in my bum and had to go to the ER to get it removed] trips we took.

My other grandparents [Dad’s parents] lived in Florida, and we went to visit them once or twice a year including an annual day at one of the Disney parks.

As I got a little older we took annual ski trips with our extended family out west for skiing.





They were incredible trips and are probably the reason Brother now lives in Colorado.

I love traveling to this day and attribute a lot of that to all of the traveling we did growing up.

But every now and then my parents would….

brace yourself….

Go on trips by themselves!

Can you believe it!?

And they did super cool things like the time they went on a cruise for their 25th anniversary.  The time they went to Chichen Itza for their 20th anniversary. The time Dad’s work sent them to Hawaii for a conference over Valentine’s Day.

I mean, how could they possibly leave their precious babies behind!? Didn’t they love us and want to spend every waking moment with us?!?!

Dear Mom [and Dad], I get it.

I love my babies with a love fiercer than anything I could have imagined. More often than not I enjoy spending my days with them. [Yea, let’s be honest, not every day. But most days.]

But on those occasions where Hubby and I get to take a trip by ourselves…especially for an anniversary…it’s such a wonderful treat! We get to reconnect with each other, and talk as long as we want without being interrupted, and sleep in, and go to grown up restaurants, and enjoy things on our own schedule. We get to continue to build the solid foundation of our marriage and remember why we fell in love with each other in the first place. We usually take some time to read the Bible together and pray together to remind ourselves that our foundation is only solid if it’s built on Christ.

I miss my babies when we’re gone. My arms ache to hug them, my heart aches to kiss them goodnight. And seeing them when we get home is so sweet.

Recently we had  to go away for a conference [not quite the same as going away for vacation ;)], and we were apart from the girls for 5 days. It was the longest I had been apart from either of them, and it was really hard.  But when come home, I get to remember why I love them and enjoy them, and it’s really really good.

So Mom [and Dad], thanks for taking those trips. Thanks for showing me how to build a strong marriage and keep that relationship as a priority. And thanks for watching the girls so the Hubby and I can do the same!

fall 2012 174[The two of us away for our 4th anniversary.]

What’s the longest you’ve been apart from your babies? What’s your favorite thing about coming home?


2 Responses to “Dear Mom, I Get It: Vacations”

  1. I remember this too. I can’t BELIEVE YOU’RE LEAVING US. And of course we always had a sitter who let us watch movies and eat pizza for dinner every night and buy candy at the movie store. We’d have so much fun and nearly be sick when they returned. It was perfect. We haven’t had a trip by ourselves yet, and we’re not quite ready, but I can imagine the just-enough delight it will be.

    • Yes, exactly! We always had so much fun when they were gone. I understand not feeling ready yet. 5 days was a bit too much for me being apart from them [although I really didn’t have a choice]. If it hadn’t been for the fact that we are living with my parents right now and the girls were able to stay here with them and not have their lives interrupted too much, I don’t know if I could have done it.

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