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Dear Mom, I Get It: The Stair Spot August 19, 2013

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I’ve really missed writing in this space.  And it’s not that I haven’t had things to say.  Believe me, there have been plenty of things to say.  But for just oh so many reasons, I have not been saying them in this place.  But now I’m here, and I’m ready to start saying again.

I think the perfect way to get back into this blog thing is by doing my very own little series of posts.

I call it “Dear Mom, I get it”

Because I’m only 3 and a half years into this Mommy-ing thing and there are just SO MANY things my mom used to say or do that were completely incomprehensible to me….until now.  I imagine there are many more to come, too.

This first post is about The Stair Spot


Household Essentials Seagrass Stair Basket with Handle


Growing up, all of our bedrooms were on the second floor. So we had what I call “the stair spot.”

I’m sure that if you have stairs in your house, you know what I’m talking about. Upstairs things never stay upstairs and downstairs things never stay downstairs.

And because who wants to walk up the stairs every. single. time. something needs to be moved?!?! That’s why there’s the stair spot! We even had this cute little basket that was stair step shaped and wedged onto the stairs. It was perfect!


My mom would get so frustrated because no one else [no one!] ever carried the things up the stairs. Everything sat there, no matter how many times Dad, the brother, or I went up and down. They sat there. Until finally Mom went upstairs and carried the whole pile.

“Why has no one taken this stuff upstairs?! It’s not even my stuff! Am I the only one with functioning arms?!”

We all shrugged and I’m sorried. And a couple of hours later…rinse and repeat.

I always wondered why she got so upset. I mean, what’s the big deal, why can’t you just carry the stuff and be done with it, Mom?

Dear Mom, I get it.

I mean, it’s like they just don’t even see it! It’s laying right there in front of you. You practically have to trip over it to get up the stairs. And yet…there it sits. Seriously! They can go up and down four or five times and still never see it. They can even be the one who put it there and still never see it. It will not move until Mom comes along and carries it.

So now I just roll my eyes and giggle a little at the irony of it all….and then carry all the junk up the stairs.


Stay tuned for more in this series…from vacationing issues to how to wear your jeans.

Are there things that you didn’t get about your mom until you became a mom yourself?



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