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A Moment Between November 8, 2012

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The house is quiet….

Everyone is sleeping [except me.]

And I’m sitting here reveling in the knowledge that those I love most in this world are safe and loved and warm in their beds, peacefully dreaming.

There are boxes and tubs and baskets scattered around the living room.  And the dining room.  And the kitchen too.  They remind me of the chaos of our lives in this season.

The chaos of moving.  The chaos of the unknown.  The chaos of transition.

But even in the midst of the chaos, God has been faithful to give good gifts.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt like writing.  Since I’ve felt like I even had something to write.

But today, right now, in this peaceful quiet moment amidst the chaos, God has spoken peace and life and words into my soul.

I glory in the blessing of it.  In the strange tension between chaos and peace in this tenuous moment.

Soon they will all wake.  Soon life’s pace will quicken and projects will need doing and children will need tending and the chaos will over take the peacefulness of this moment.  This moment, though, the peace, the quiet, the love, the blessing….it will remain in my heart throughout the day.

That’s where I’m living right now.  Between the peace and the chaos.  And I know I’m blessed.

The chaos.                                                                                                           And the peace.


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