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5 Minute…Monday? July 24, 2012

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Well, Friday came and went with zero time to sit [even for five minutes] and let the words flow from my heart to the computer screen.  But now it’s Monday afternoon and I’m sitting here holding a sleeping, snuggling, slightly feverish seven month old.  So I’m seizing this brief window of opportunity to catch u on 5 Minute Friday.

In case you’re unfamiliar with 5 Minute Friday, you can learn all about it right here from the amazing Lisa-Jo.

5 Minutes

No editing.

No backtracking.

No over-thinking.

Just writing.  Thoughts to paper computer.

Today’s Friday’s prompt was:



Tragedy racks our world – our hearts.

One man’s incomprehensible act changes the course of hundreds – thousands of lives.  Robs twelve of life completely.

Sun scorched fields shrivel from rain withheld for months.  Food sources, livelihoods, families shrivel with them.

The innocence of children is stolen and so many turn a blind eye.

This world we live in, it’s broken.

The people who live in this broken world are broken.  Hurting.  Lost.  Weary.

But inside of me lives a hope.  A promise.

The only One who can bring healing to the hurting, rest to the weary, order to the chaos.

The only One who will every be enough to fill the hole left by this broken world.

How can I dare keep that to myself?  How can I keep from singing it, shouting it?  How can I not share this hope with the ones who need it most?  This hope that is meant to be shared – this gift entrusted to me that I might pass it on.

Because relationship with Him has taught me new understanding of enough – enough of Him.  Not that it’s always easy; not that I always understand these events from this earthly view point; not that I have it all figured out.  But that He fills me up with enough of Him and as I drink in that beautiful, rich relationship I am filled up with Him.

And in that, I find enough.



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