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5 Minute Friday – See June 1, 2012

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It’s Friday again!


You know what that means….5 Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama!

5 minutes to write freely.  Without worrying about perfection.  Without worrying about grammar/spelling/editing.

Today’s word:  SEE


I love days like today – all overcast and cloud covered – the day after a good, soaking rain.

I love the way the world looks on days like this.  The colors seem so vibrant.  Plants, grass, leaves, flowers all saturated with the nourishment of the rain brighten – almost glow.

We need the sun – it’s heat; it’s light; it’s energy; it’s nourishment.

But sometimes in the bright light of the sun, other colors are harder to see – they get drowned out by the overwhelming brilliance of the sun.

Isn’t life like this sometimes?

It takes a good, soaking rain [hard times, troubles, maybe a sickness] to help you see the colors of life for the vibrancy that they are.



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