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GCF May 17, 2012

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I haven’t talked a whole lot in here about what we’re doing here in the Fort.  The basic overview is this:

We’re doing an internship for a couple of years as part of the journey we are on to getting overseas.  The three main pieces are cognitive [learning about Biblical principles of leadership, the Church, etc.], spiritual [having a healthy spiritual walk with the Lord, getting healing from spiritual strongholds, and living in accountability with others], and practicum [helping plant an international church plant].  The goal is to better prepare us for the stuff we’ll be facing overseas.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Ok, so, why am I telling you all of this now?  Because I want you to have a basic idea of what we’re doing now so that I can tell you about what we will be doing someday in the future [I say we will with the understanding that we believe God has called us to this, and we leave room for Him to change that calling at any point…though, admittedly, I don’t foresee that happening.]

C and I both grew up going to Christian and Missionary Alliance churches.  Both of us felt called to cross cultural ministry when we were kids [thanks in large part to growing up in a denomination whose main focus is advancing the kingdom of light and pushing back the kingdom of darkness here in the States and overseas.]

One of the coolest things about the C&MA [in my opinion] is how they support their international workers.  It’s called the “Great Commission Fund” and it supports international workers all over the world.  This fund makes it possible for workers to focus on advancing the Kingdom rather than focus on raising funds to do the work.  Seriously, how awesome is that?!

This Sunday is what we call Great Commission Sunday.  It’s one Sunday a year dedicated to spreading the word – to let people know about this awesome opportunity to support the work of the CMA.  Someday, this fund will also help our family do the things God has called us to do.  For now, though, it helps many wonderful people that we know and love [and plenty that we don’t know] to do the work of the Kingdom.  I’m helping spread the word because I believe in the Great Commission Fund and the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the great work God is doing!

So check it out!  And maybe consider helping out.  🙂


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