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Fighting the Moments May 8, 2012

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My morning started out with a blown out diaper at 7 a.m. [I don’t do 7 a.m.] and a baby girl who didn’t want to go back to sleep [I don’t do 7 a.m.].

Next came a two year old sitting on my lap with a diaper so full that it leaked out all over my pants and shirt.

A dog with extremely muddy paws all over my just-washed kitchen floor.  And she won’t stop barking outside, but I can’t let her in because of the muddy paws that I can’t wipe off because of the sleeping little one in my arms [you know, the one who refused to sleep earlier this morning and now will only sleep in my arms.]

The two year old keeps seeing a fly…a fly… and flips out – I’m talking all out melt down complete with tears and screams and running for Momma.

And I’m fighting hard to see God in these moments.  To cling to His patience and love because I don’t have those things in me.

I’m fighting to see past these frustrating, draining moments.  To see past the present that drags me down.  To see into the bigger picture.  To see that how I respond in these moments affects me, affects my attitude, affects who I am becoming.  And more than that, it affects my girls, affects their attitudes, affects who they are becoming.  The way I respond to these menial moments will teach them so much more than the words I say to them when things are easy.

I want to be the kind of woman who responds to frustrating days with prayer and thanksgiving.  I want my daughters to be the kind of women who respond to frustrating days with prayers and thanksgiving.  It’s a lesson I’m learning with the help of Ann Voskamp and her book 1,000 Gifts.

And on the days I don’t, on the days I forget and let the frustration get the better of me, I want to remember that God’s mercies are new every morning.  Tomorrow is a brand new day with new challenges and frustrations and opportunities for prayers and thanksgiving.  And in that, all three of us learn the perfect, unending grace of our God.


2 Responses to “Fighting the Moments”

  1. Beth Says:

    I’ll just file this post away for when I need to remember it, thank you!

    • If you haven’t read 1,000 Gifts yet, I highly recommend it! Her writing style isn’t my favorite, but seriously – what she has to say is *so true* and *so important* to learn.

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