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District Conference April 23, 2012

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I’m very excited about this week!  We are going to District Conference!

For a lot of you, that doesn’t really mean much.  But basically what it boils down to is all of the pastors and staff members and international worker candidates and international workers and other leaders in our district [the Midwest District, basically Illinois and Indiana] getting together to worship, pray, learn, grow, talk business, and elect leaders.

I’m excited for several reasons:

1.  It will be great to meet/get to know other people from the district, especially other international workers/candidates.  And also to reconnect with some people we already know and love.

2.  I’m looking forward to worshiping and growing with this group of people who have a heart for the Lord and seeing His Kingdom move.

3.  I went to District Conference before when it was at Hope and I was a teenager.  It will be a great experience to go now as an adult, as a part of the team.  Somehow it feels like one of those “I’m a real grown up now” kind of moments.

4.  It feels like another step along this process of candidacy and moving toward overseas.  A much needed and anticipated step forward.  Sometimes it feels like we’re not really doing anything to move forward in that part of the process, so I’m thankful for this step.  I know our internship with Mission21 is part of that process too, but sometimes it’s nice to get perspective on the bigger picture.

5.  I love my parents and enjoy every opportunity I get to spend time with them [and the girls get to spend time with them.]

There you have it – what I’m looking forward to for this week [the first half of it anyway] in a nut shell.

Would you pray for us and the others at the conference?  Pray that it would be unifying and uplifting, encouraging and restorative.  Pray for safety in all of the traveling.  Pray that the Kingdom of Light would push back the darkness.  Thanks for your prayers.


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