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5 Minute Friday – Together April 20, 2012

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I’ve been looking forward to this all week!  It’s time for 5 Minute Friday again and I’m linking it up with The Gypsy Mama!

I have to confess, I cheated and gave myself 10 minutes since I was typing one handed.

Today’s prompt is



As I sit tethered to the couch by the little hungry body laying across me, I remember to take in this moment; to use all of my senses.

To breathe in her delicious freshly-bathed-still-so-little smell;  to really look at the way the tiny hairs on her head stick out in all sorts of directions; to remember how it feels to have her cradled in my arms drinking in the nourishment that only I can give her; to listen to the little noises she makes as she gulps down the sweetest thing she’s ever tasted; to taste her tiny, chubby fingers on my lips.

She pauses and looks deeply into my eyes.  I look down and smile at my precious girl.  The smile that crosses her face is exquisite.  The joy that comes from a simple smile from Mama, it’s breathtaking.  Those precious, chubby fingers that were parked up against my lips now wander across my cheek, over to my ear, up to my eye, and finally back to my lips.

I wonder [for maybe the millionth time] what color her eyes will be.  Some days I could swear they’ll be brown, or maybe hazel like mine – brown in the middle with green all the way around the outside.  Or maybe they’ll turn bright blue like her sister’s, her Daddy’s.

She turns her head and gets back to business.

This moment is just for her and me.  Sister is sleeping, Daddy is at work.

Nothing else requires our time.

Nothing else vies for our attention.

We are alone in this beautiful, peaceful, restful moment.

Just Lilly and me.




7 Responses to “5 Minute Friday – Together”

  1. Emilie R Says:

    Hi, I found my way here through Gypsy Mama,
    I love the way you describe your together moment with your precious baby girl. May you always treasure those moments.
    Emilie x

  2. Alecia Says:

    Just found Gypsy Mama and just found you! Love what your wrote! I remember those days and cherished them. Sometimes (secretly) I dream of doing it all again.

    • So glad you found me, Alecia! I hope you feel welcomed and encouraged. Some days it’s hard to believe that these moments will ever end, but I know that I will miss them when they’re over.

  3. Jaime Cook Says:

    Love it… I miss those moments with my two little ones. Well… they arn’t so little anymore at almost 8 and 2. Enjoy them!!!!

  4. Beth Says:

    I love this post, particularly as I am sitting with my little man on the couch, too, and I often wonder what color his eyes will be. I’m hoping they stay blue, but we’ll see. Anyway, thanks for sharing the beautiful tenderness of motherhood with us!

  5. Melissa Morgner Says:

    Oh how I remember and miss those days with babes. You described it eloquently. Someday your sweet girl will read those words and know how much she was loved from thr beginning. Thanks for visiting me too.

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