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One of Those Days February 21, 2012

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It was one of those days.

You know the kind…The can’t-find-anything-to-wear-feel-like-crap-about-my-body-wish-I-could-crawl-back-into-bed-and-hide kind of days.  The kind that brings you right back to teenagehood and the insecurities that come along with it.  The kind that takes you by surprise, bowling you over like a Mac truck.


I am a grown woman.  I’ve graduated from college and am working on a Masters degree.  I have given birth to two beautiful children.  Not to mention many other things I have achieved and accomplished.  I firmly believe that the God of the universe created me and calls me wonderful [See Psalm 139:13-14] and takes great delight in me [see Zepheniah 3:17].  I have an amazing husband that I know thinks I am beautiful.  I know this because he not only tells me so [every single day he tells me!  I so don’t deserve him!]  But because of the way he looks at me — as if I take his breath away — as if looking at me is a privilege [seriously, I don’t deserve this man!]  And the way he treats me — like I am a treasure.

So why do I still have these days where I just feel so…so… well, let’s call it what it is.  I feel ugly.  And fat.  Yes, part of it is that I am two months post-preggo so my body [not to mention my hormones] is still adjusting.  /but even knowing that doesn’t always help.

When Viola walked into the room it really got me thinking:  Is this the kind of issue I want to pass on to my daughters?

Clearly the answer is a resounding NO!

So the question becomes: how do I teach my daughters to have a healthy view of themselves?  How do I train them up to be confident in who they are and how they look in spite of the pressures and expectations thrown at them by society?

I read an article the other day that said Disney has decided to quit making princess movies.  Part of the reason for this is that little girls [and by little I mean age 5 or 6 according to this article…so, yes…little girls] are more interested in being hot and cool than a princess.  Yes, you read that right…Five year old girls would rather be viewed as hot.  This disturbs me on so many levels.  And as a mom of two little girls, I really feel like I need to address this issue.

So that’s where I am.  Trying to deal with my own issues and praying I don’t pass them on to my daughters.  Learning how to teach them to be beautiful princesses of the true King.  I definitely can’t do it alone!  I’m going to need lots of help from my awesome hubby, friends and family [that’s you!], and most importantly from the Lord.


2 Responses to “One of Those Days”

  1. Robin Says:

    You are so beautiful, inside and out and I am so blessed to see how you’ve grown into a great Christian woman, wife, and mom. I hadn’t heard that about Disney, and that is so sad. Have you heard of the book series “Gigi, God’s little princess” by Sheila Walsh? Kenzie loves them. They do a great job of incorporating the femininity that little girls are so drawn to along the characteristics of inner beauty. I think they have DVD’s, and some other things that go along with the series. Perfect for a family with 2 little girls!!

  2. Robin,
    We have one of the Gigi books, but I didn’t realize it was a whole series. We will have to check into that. Thanks for the tip! And thanks for being a part of my formative teenage years. I always remember those days fondly. 🙂

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