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Worth the Fight February 10, 2012

Filed under: On Babies and Being a Mommy — kohlhardfacts @ 9:56 pm

Getting out of the house.  Who knew it could be so difficult?  I used to be able to grab my keys, phone, and purse and dash out the door in under a minute.  [Assuming my phone wasn’t missing…which for those of you who knew me back then know that was a common enough occurrence.  Wait.  Did I say was?  I meant is….is a common occurrence.  But I digress.]Getting out of the house now?  With a two year old and an infant?  Yeesh!  Sometimes I have to start 45 minutes before we need to get out of the house.

Here’s my new checklist:

*Diapers for both girls
*Wipes to cover 3-4 ….a-hem…messes [in case there are 3-4…which happens!]
*A wet bag for said soiled diapers [Because we use cloth diapers]
*An extra outfit for L [Infants are messy!]
*A nursing cover and/or receiving blanket
*Snacks and a drink for Viola

Generally I keep the diaper bag stocked with these, but trust me you always have to check. Because the one time you don’t check is the one time you don’t have it and desperately need it!

Then starts the getting everyone ready.  Socks, shoes, coats, hats, “Do you want to bring a stuffed animal?”, “Please stop running away from Mama”, “It’s ok, Lilly, your car seat isn’t that bad!”, “Bella, you’re fine, please get off of my lap”, at least 2 screaming melt downs, and a very tired Mama later we are out of the house.  Woops!  Forgot the keys, cell phone and diaper bag.  Back into the house, grab the forgotten items, load up into the car.  FINALLY!

Oh, but once we are out of the house, how wonderful it is!  A change of scenery, a chance to see friends or Daddy, lots of fun places to visit.  The meltdowns and stresses of getting out the door are [mostly] forgotten and we are ready for some fun.

It is SO worth it!  Easy?  Definitely not!

But isn’t that the way it is with most things?  The difficult things, the things we have to fight for, to pursue, to work at:  those are the things that end up being the best parts of life.  And that’s why I I fight for those outings.  Because in the long run, it’s what’s best for all of us.

What’s worth the fight in your life?


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