Kohl Hard Facts

This adventure we call life in the Kohl Family

Day 10 – Cousins September 16, 2011

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Last month we had the awesome privilege of spending a week with the Kohl side of the family.  It was a blast to have all three brothers and their families together at Lee and Peggy’s.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this family.  We have a lot of fun when we are together [and sometimes some tension…it keeps things interesting!]  Watching these six kiddos play and interact filled my heart with so much love and joy.  I love that we are building these memories for them and instilling a love for family togetherness.  One of my other favorite things is that they are all [fairly] close in age.  James [top left] is the oldest and he’s seven.  Then there’s Timmy [top right] age 5 [he’ll be 6 next month], Laura [second from the left, pink shirt] age 4, Viola age 1 1/2 [she’ll be two in December], Jack [bottom right] age 1, and Zander [bottom left] 5 months.  [And of course our little one to come will be born in December.]

I think the most surprising thing to me was that Viola and Timmy really hit it off.  Last time we were there, Viola wasn’t really big enough to be interested in/be of much interest to the older three.  They would play together some and it was clear that they all loved each other, but there wasn’t too much for them to do together.  But this time Viola was big enough to enjoy running through the sprinklers and reading books together and playing interactive games.  I expected Viola and Laura to become best buds [because 1. they are closest in age and 2. they are the only girls].  But for some reason it was Timothy who really took to her.  It was absolutely precious!

So today I am thanking the Lord for these six little kiddos so close to my heart and the precious blessing they are to our family.


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