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Update: Diaper Adventure Day 4 September 30, 2011

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So far I am quite a fan of the cloth diapers [CDs….apparently there is a whole new lingo to learn when using cloth].  I have found them to be very absorbent.  We haven’t had any leakage or blowouts at this point [though admittedly I have to be more diligent about checking the diapers to see if they are full or poopy.]  They also seem to keep the stink contained very well [hence the need to check more often.]  I love that I just toss the soiled insert into a bag and replace it with a clean one.  It does take slightly more time to change a diaper, but I think that as I get more comfortable/accustomed to the snaps and such it will go faster.  Somehow I feel a sense of accomplishment while using them….like I’m doing something good for my family and for the environment.  I like that feeling.  Plus they are super cute!!!

Since we don’t have enough inserts to last more than about a day and a half [and I’m not a do-a-load-of-laundry-every-day kind of girl], we have been switching between the cloth and the disposables [or sposies as they are apparently called in the Cloth Diapering {CDing} world.  I find this website to be very helpful in learning the CD lingo.]  But I just ordered four more inserts [and I’m getting a free diaper too! bonus!] from Kelly’s Closet.  I really like this site so far because their prices are fair, they have a lot of coupons and giveaways and such, and it’s a very user friendly site.  So I’m hoping that between my AIO [All In One…got this one for free through Kelly’s Closet] and my two Flip covers with 10 inserts [and whatever free diaper I am getting with that order!], I’m hoping we can move to exclusively cloth when I get my shipment.

On a side note, Daddy is home all weekend with the Little Miss and no Mama [I am going on a Women’s Retreat], so we will see how he feels about Cloth Diapers by the end of the weekend!


Adventure Is Out There! September 26, 2011

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[Bonus points if you can name that movie.  It’s one of Caleb and my favorites, and we absolutely love this quote!  We love adventure!]

My newest adventure…. Cloth Diapers

I’m sure some of you are thinking I’m crazy!  [You may be right…we shall see.]  But tomorrow I will be starting this new adventure.  I am excited [and a little nervous] to see how everything goes.  We decided to make this change for several reasons.  Here they are [In no particular order really.]

First, in doing the math, I realized it is actually cheaper to use cloth [assuming I don’t go nuts and buy the most expensive diapers I can find or buy way more than I could possibly need…both real possibilities.  But I will try to restrain myself.]  I considered going cloth from the beginning with Viola.  At the time, we were moving and traveling all the time and also living in apartments where we didn’t have our own washer/dryer, so we decided it didn’t make a lot of sense for us at that point in time.  Second, it is better for Viola and Little Sister.  I figure limiting the amount of harsh chemicals and such that they come in contact with is a worthwhile goal.  Third, it is better for the environment.  Neither Caleb nor I are particularly passionate about being “green.”  But we figure if God entrusted us with the care of this Earth we should do our part as much as possible.

One reason I was hesitant to begin cloth diapering is that it seems like there is this whole society/culture that you have to buy into if you’re cloth diapering.  I’m just not into that.  But I am into doing things that are good for my family….so here goes!  I’ll let you know how it all works out!


Searching for Normal September 21, 2011

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We’ve been living in our new home for a little over 3 weeks now, and I am loving it!

I love having our stuff…our pictures, our decorations, our kitchen ware, our DVDs.

I love all of the space we have.  God blessed us beyond what we could have imagined with this home.

I’ve even loved the unpacking/hanging/organizing/sorting process.  But now I’m ready to find a sense of normal.  I’m hoping the next couple of weeks will bring this as Caleb gets into his new job [yay!!], and Viola and I settle into a routine here at home.  By this I don’t mean “Every Monday we do this at this time, Every Tuesday we do that for this amount of time.”  That’s just not me.  For me a routine is more like…naps usually happen around this time, out of the list of things to get done this week what do I want to do today, what days do I have available to schedule fun outings, what other activities and such are we going to get involved in.  I want to get involved in some mom/baby classes and such, I’m just having a hard time finding them.

Of course, I imagine that just as we start to settle into this routine, it will be right about time for Little Sister to make her appearance.  And then we’ll have to start all over again.  🙂

Ah, the adventure of life!

Hopefully soon I will have all of my pictures moved from my old computer to my new computer so that I can share some pictures of the new house.  Also, I plan to do a video walk through….so stay tuned.


Day 10 – Cousins September 16, 2011

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Last month we had the awesome privilege of spending a week with the Kohl side of the family.  It was a blast to have all three brothers and their families together at Lee and Peggy’s.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this family.  We have a lot of fun when we are together [and sometimes some tension…it keeps things interesting!]  Watching these six kiddos play and interact filled my heart with so much love and joy.  I love that we are building these memories for them and instilling a love for family togetherness.  One of my other favorite things is that they are all [fairly] close in age.  James [top left] is the oldest and he’s seven.  Then there’s Timmy [top right] age 5 [he’ll be 6 next month], Laura [second from the left, pink shirt] age 4, Viola age 1 1/2 [she’ll be two in December], Jack [bottom right] age 1, and Zander [bottom left] 5 months.  [And of course our little one to come will be born in December.]

I think the most surprising thing to me was that Viola and Timmy really hit it off.  Last time we were there, Viola wasn’t really big enough to be interested in/be of much interest to the older three.  They would play together some and it was clear that they all loved each other, but there wasn’t too much for them to do together.  But this time Viola was big enough to enjoy running through the sprinklers and reading books together and playing interactive games.  I expected Viola and Laura to become best buds [because 1. they are closest in age and 2. they are the only girls].  But for some reason it was Timothy who really took to her.  It was absolutely precious!

So today I am thanking the Lord for these six little kiddos so close to my heart and the precious blessing they are to our family.


MIA September 14, 2011

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So as you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA for….oh three or four weeks now.  This is partly due to the fact that we have been insanely busy; closing on our house, traveling to Minnesota, and moving.  It is also partly due to the fact that we have not had Internet since we moved in [which is two and a half weeks now…yes, I was going crazy!]  Now I am working on getting all caught up on my Interneting, so expect more posts in the near future.  For now, I will leave you with a taste of our trip to Minnesota.