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Day 7 – Nana July 26, 2011

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Let me start by saying, my daughter is one very loved little girl.  She has a very large immediate and extended family that shower her with love, hugs, gifts, time, and most importantly prayers.  It is a huge blessing to her and to me.

But this post is about how thankful I am for her Nana.  As I said before, we are currently living with my parents which is wonderful and trying all at the same time [for everyone!]  One of the big benefits of living here is that Viola has had time to connect and bond with my parents [Nana and Papaw].

Viola loves to snuggle Nana, she loves to read with Nana, to watch Nana do the things she does [getting ready for work, cooking, swimming, whatever Nana is doing Viola wants to be a part of it].  Nana loves to spoil her, let her have things Momma wouldn’t usually give her, play and tickle and laugh in ways I can’t always [or forget to] do; encouraging her and loving her in a way that is unique to grandparents.  Nana doesn’t have to discipline her as much or work as hard toward the teaching and learning and growing.  Nana gets to do all of the fun stuff. [My mom is also wonderful at helping in the teaching and learning and growing process, but without feeling the responsibility of it as her job, it’s just different.]  And Viola gets another example of a Godly woman to model her life after.  It’s a beautiful thing, and I am so thankful that God has given them this opportunity.

The other day after my doctor’s appointment the three of us [Viola, Nana, and I] went to McDonald’s to grab some lunch.  Toward the end of our meal a very nice woman came over to our table and said to me, “I have to tell you, I’ve barely been able to eat my lunch because I’ve been distracted by your adorable daughter.  I don’t know what your husband looks like, but I have to say this little girl is all her Nana.  She looks so much like her!  And her mannerisms are so like her too.”  At the time, we just smiled and thanked her.  Part of why this event is so…notable…is that technically they share no genes.  I was adopted, so my mom’s genes don’t run through me and therefore don’t run through Viola.  But as I looked at the two of them, I realized that the woman was right…somehow they do look a lot alike.  I’m thankful that God saw fit to allow that.  And I’m hopeful that the woman was right about the other part too.  It would be wonderful for Viola to take after her Nana in mannerisms and personality and action and love for God and people.  This is something I don’t want to take for granted…having Nana around, having a Nana as wonderful as she is to impact my children’s lives; I am so very thankful for Nana.


2 Responses to “Day 7 – Nana”

  1. Nana Says:

    Nana is blessed beyond measure to be with Viola and her parents. Watching Erin and Caleb love/teach/play with her each day is a joy. There are going to be two very lonely OLD people when they move to Ft. Wayne.

  2. Deb Says:

    Sweet post and good that you know how blessed you are! Nana is a special person so she has to be a special Nana!

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