Kohl Hard Facts

This adventure we call life in the Kohl Family

Day 6 – Dreams July 21, 2011

Filed under: 30 Days of Gratitude,On Babies and Being a Mommy — kohlhardfacts @ 3:36 pm

Ok, I admit that I didn’t take this picture.  So I guess I’m cheating just a little bit on this one…Today I am thankful for dreams.  We found out last Monday that we are expecting Baby Girl #2.  At first I was surprised to say the least.  Our family on both sides is pretty much entirely boys.  So for us to have two girls is very unusual!

As the idea of having two girls has settled in, I’ve thought more about what it will be like.  I’ve been dreaming about the relationship Viola and her new sister will have.  I’ve been dreaming about how this baby girl will look, what color eyes and hair she’ll have; how different she will look from Viola.  I’ve been dreaming about her personality…Will she be outgoing or will she be shy?  Will she be busy and into everything or will she be mellow and go-with-the-flow?  I’m getting very excited now to meet this little one!  I think it will be such a joy to have two little girls running around our home.

One thing that makes me very happy at this point in my pregnancy is being able to feel her movements.  Sometimes they are so strong that they completely take me off guard.  It is a beautiful reminder to me of the precious life growing inside of me.  But one of my favorite things about this is that only I can feel her at this point…you can’t really feel her from the outside yet.  It’s like she and I are sharing this fun little secret, just the two of us.  Today I am very thankful for the dreams I am dreaming of this precious baby girl!


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