Kohl Hard Facts

This adventure we call life in the Kohl Family

Day 4 – Silliness July 7, 2011

Filed under: 30 Days of Gratitude — kohlhardfacts @ 7:10 pm

Yesterday we went to the Children’s Museum with our dear friends Leo and Renee Martinez.  We all had a blast, especially Viola!  We were able to just enjoy life, see things freshly through the eyes of a one year old, and enjoy being silly!  I love silliness, and I love that I can get away with it all of the time under the guise of playing with my baby girl!  The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the perfect place to do that!

Far too often I get caught up in the busy-ness of life and responsibilities and stresses that I forget how wonderful it is to be silly.  To make funny faces, make goofy sounds, wear crazy outfits, imagine crazy things, and just be generally silly.  It’s something I’m learning from Viola every day.  She reminds me that life can be fun!  And that is something to be very thankful for.


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