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Day 3 – Backyard Oasis June 29, 2011

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Our family is currently in transition.  It’s a bit chaotic, sometimes frustrating, and often difficult. 

However, we have been very blessed by my parents to have a place to stay with them.  I know it’s not always easy for them having three other people living in their home, especially since one of those is an 18 month old.  Oh, and did I mention we recently got a dog and brought it to my parents’ as well?  Yea, they’ve been great!

One of my favorite things about living here is the backyard.  The landscaping is beautiful; the coy pond with little waterfall (pictured above) is peaceful and soothing; and the pool is…well, tons of fun!!  Viola, Bella, and I love to go out there and enjoy the warm, fresh air.  Viola spends hours in her swing…and Bella spends hours in the coy pond.  I love having family and friends over to enjoy cooking out, eating on the deck, and swimming in the pool.  I also cherish the times I’ve had to go out there by myself (usually when Viola is napping) to spend some time enjoying my Father’s creation and being in His presence.  This backyard oasis is definitely something I am deeply grateful for, especially in this time of transition, confusion, and unrest in our lives.


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