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Day 3 – Backyard Oasis June 29, 2011

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Our family is currently in transition.  It’s a bit chaotic, sometimes frustrating, and often difficult. 

However, we have been very blessed by my parents to have a place to stay with them.  I know it’s not always easy for them having three other people living in their home, especially since one of those is an 18 month old.  Oh, and did I mention we recently got a dog and brought it to my parents’ as well?  Yea, they’ve been great!

One of my favorite things about living here is the backyard.  The landscaping is beautiful; the coy pond with little waterfall (pictured above) is peaceful and soothing; and the pool is…well, tons of fun!!  Viola, Bella, and I love to go out there and enjoy the warm, fresh air.  Viola spends hours in her swing…and Bella spends hours in the coy pond.  I love having family and friends over to enjoy cooking out, eating on the deck, and swimming in the pool.  I also cherish the times I’ve had to go out there by myself (usually when Viola is napping) to spend some time enjoying my Father’s creation and being in His presence.  This backyard oasis is definitely something I am deeply grateful for, especially in this time of transition, confusion, and unrest in our lives.


Day 2 – Baby’s…I mean, Man’s Best Friend June 27, 2011

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Well, clearly I’m not very good at the every day thing.  Though to be fair, this was a pretty crazy week with VBS and all.

Anyway, Day 2….

I am so very thankful for Viola’s new best friend.  Bella is a wonderful addition to our growing family.  She is sweet, laid back, good natured, and fun loving.  It is safe to say that we are all in love with her already.  There’s just something about a great dog that that adds more love, joy, and comfort to a home.  If you’re a pet person, you know what I’m talking about and if you’re not, you’ll never get it.  I have always loved having dogs around and when we had to put our old dog Zeb down a little over a year ago, it was heart wrenching.  My cousins just went through that this past week.  Bella doesn’t replace Zeb…I still miss him a lot.  But it’s nice having a dog in the house again.  I love watching Viola interact with Bella.  The two of them are already best friends.  It makes me happy to see my little girl enjoying her puppy so much.  I am overwhelmingly thankful for both of them!

We got Bella from Lucky Lab Rescue.  It’s a great facility with a lot of dogs looking for homes.  As the name suggests, they rescue Labs/Lab mixes (Bella is a Lab/Collie mix.)  I highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a pup to add to your family.


Day 1 – Energy June 23, 2011

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Well, so much for starting my photography project yesterday.  But today is a new day!

Today I am thankful for energy.  I am thankful for the energy of these awesome kids as they enjoy life and learn about how much God loves them.  And I am thankful for the energy God has given me throughout this week so far to keep up with them, to love them, and to pour into their lives.  Yes, ENERGY is definitely something I am grateful for today and all this week.



Kohl Hard Update June 20, 2011

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My blog posting has been far too sporadic.  Partly because life has been intensely crazy for us over the last several months, and partly because I struggle with wondering if my thoughts are worth hearing.  I’ll start with an update on the craziness that is the Kohl Family’s life, going back to May….

The beginning of May found our family in the throws of final paper writing, including Caleb’s 30 page thesis on the Lord’s Supper.  It was an intense time and we both felt like we were living to make it through, sitting at our computers typing and eating, sleeping on occasion.  But God was faithful through it all, and we made it through that phase…and on May 7th Caleb officially graduated with his Master’s degree.

Over the following week we spent time packing and saying goodbye to dear friends and preparing for a wedding.

May 14th was Renee and Leo’s wedding!

And May 15th, we headed back home to Indiana.

Since then, we have been trying to settle into a new (though temporary) routine.  Caleb is working with my cousin doing home remodeling type stuff (which he is absolutely loving!), and I have the immense privilege of staying home with Viola.  I absolutely adore the time I get to spend with her, loving on her, playing with her, watching her grow, and just enjoying her toddlerness.  (yes, I just created that word.)

In addition to all of that, we have been working on planning for the future.  Last week we had our second interview with churches in Ft. Wayne.  We are very excited for the possibilities in this position and hope to hear in the next week or so if we are approved. (Prayers welcome on this!  Specifically that it would be approved by National Headquarters.)  Speaking of the future, we have also been preparing and getting VERY excited for baby number 2!!  More to come on that in a couple of weeks when we have our big Ultrasound and have the big reveal!

On the subject of not knowing what to write/wondering if my thoughts are worth reading, I have decided to give a purpose to my blog.  One thing I love is taking pictures and as I was wondering around the Internet, I found this website that inspired me.  So now I have a new project…30 days of Gratitude.  Each day I will blog about something I am grateful for and take a picture of it.  I’m very excited about this project, so remember to follow along right here on my blog.  (I will start this project tomorrow as I have already produced quite a lengthy blog for today.)

So there’s the update on the Kohl’s in a nutshell.  More to come soon as these things in our life are progressing quite quickly (and excitingly!)