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Busy, busy, shockingly busy March 8, 2011

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I really enjoy blogging.  But I haven’t had any time for it.  There have been plenty of things I’ve wanted to blog about, and I’ve even started three other drafts.  I just never seem to have the time to finish them.

My question, then, is: Does life ever get less busy?

I certainly hope so!  But what if it doesn’t?  How can I start balancing my time so that I can do the things I love?  Some of the things I wish I had more time for are blogging, scrapbooking, and taking pictures.  Things I haven’t really had time for since starting Grad School.  I also wish I could do something to help Caleb have time for the things he loves, like woodworking and hiking.

As of now I have no answers to these questions.  Just some things I’m pondering.

That’s all the time I have for today.  Time to get back to the work.