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Wicked October 22, 2010

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I love musicals!  I love going to theater and watching how a production is put on; seeing the sets and set changes, the costumes, the lighting, everything about it.  It is beautiful and magical!  Yesterday my in-laws took Caleb and I to see the show “Wicked”.  I was absolutely blown away.  I sat there in awe, trying to take in every piece of the show.  Not just the actors, the music, the dancing, and the dialogue (which were phenomenal), but everything else that goes into it.  Everything you don’t see on the surface – all of the people back stage (and under the stage) that make the show flawless, without whom there wouldn’t be a show.  Maybe it’s because I worked back stage in high school, but this all just fascinates me!  I thought about all of the hard work and preparation that it takes to create a show like this.  From auditions and rehearsals to building and painting the set to collecting the right props to making the costumes and so much more.  My friend Renee has been blogging about beautiful things, and this would definitely qualify under that for me!  It’s beautiful to me how all of these people work together in each of their individual roles to put together a show that is — well, I’m repeating myself, but beautiful and magical!

It got me thinking about the Body of Christ – how we work (or are supposed to work) as individuals and yet as one unit, with one purpose – and the result will be a beautiful thing.

Anyway, it’s late and I need to get to bed.  I’ll post pictures later.


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