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Baby Proofing October 5, 2010

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Well, it’s time to baby-proof at the Kohl house (ok, apartment).

our living room and dining room

Viola has been moving for a while now — scooting, rolling, crawling backwards (and getting angry about it) — but there was no actual crawling going on.  Until this weekend.  Saturday night it was like something just went “click”!  If you’ve seen the movie Despicable Me it was like “light bulb!”  And now she won’t stop.  She’s EVERYWHERE!  Yesterday I left her in the living room while I walked into the bedroom (don’t worry, I could see her from where I was), and the next thing I knew she was next to me in the bedroom.  While this is all very fun and exciting it also presents a few problems:

1.  Viola refuses to sit still for anything (with the exception of food).  This means diapers, clothing, nose wiping, bath time, everything is significantly more complicated.

2.  If she wakes up even the slightest bit, she thinks it’s time to crawl.  So she gets herself up on her hands and knees and tries to crawl around the crib.  The problem with this is, she’s still mostly asleep so she ends up crying and not getting enough sleep.

3.  There are a lot more things that are threats than I even realized.  It’s going to take some major ingenuity on our part to figure out what to do with DVD racks, computers and printers, books, book shelves, the TV stand, and several other potential issues (as in things that can hurt her and also things that she can hurt.)

4.  Now that she can crawl, she can get herself to the furniture more easily.  I mentioned in a previous post that she was learning to pull herself up on stuff.  Well, you can imagine how much more frequent that is now that she can actually get to the furniture on her own.

Just another exciting chapter in the Chronicles of Kohl.


One Response to “Baby Proofing”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    I certainly hope she doesn’t get the DVD’s out of alphabetical order!! 🙂 You are right, once they start to crawl a whole new world of “things” opens up to them. Some things will have to move, some things can stay and get played with, and some will have to be a “NO”….she will get it pretty quick. My very smart granddaughter…..will learn not everything is at her disposal. Just wait until you have to tell her No but she is soooooo dog-gone cute that you have to turn your head to laugh!! (Not that I speak from experience…:) We loved watching her crawl via webcam on Sunday! Very fun for all of us! We love you and miss you!

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