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Half way there, livin’ on a prayer October 28, 2010

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Take my hand.  We’ll make it I swear, oh livin’ on a prayer!

That’s about how our household (and from what I can tell, most everyone here at ATS) is feeling right now.  Halfway through the semester, how did we get here already?!  I’m pretty sure the only way we’re going to make it through the second half of this semester is on a prayer…we have so much to get done and less than two months to do it all in.  The older I get, the faster I think life moves.  Isn’t it still summer?  Maybe August or something?  Aren’t we just settling into the semester?  Apparently not, because this weekend is Halloween already.

Speaking of Halloween, last weekend we went to “Boo at the Zoo” at Bronx Zoo with a bunch of friends and dressed up all of the kiddos (they got in free if they were dressed up).  I am so thankful for the group of friends we have here in Nyack.  I really don’t know what we would do without them!

Most of the Kiddos - Hannah, Sophia, Zoey, Ruby, Elliana, Logan, Kayley, June, and Jesse (Sorry if I misspelled any names)

Some of the ladies - Kathy, Valisha, and Erin

Some of the men - Jim, Oscar, Kirk, and Caleb

Charlotte and Oscar

These are just the families that went to the Zoo, though.  There are so many other wonderful people that have touched our lives since we’ve been here!  This year especially I have felt blessed by the other moms here.  I’ve learned from their wisdom and experience, felt accepted and loved, and found a safe place to be myself and talk about the things that are on my heart.  God has moved deeply through our Thursday evening prayer times and given us fun girly times of just hanging out.  I still miss my family and friends in Indiana and Minnesota (and pretty much every where else all over the country).  But it’s nice to have a community of surrogate family to “do life with” as we like to say at Hope.

On a related “family” note:  So excited for Leo and Renee who are getting married in May of 2011!

And I get to be a bridesmaid!  …or bridesmatron….I don’t know how that one works.  Anyway, I’ll be standing up there giving my support to this beautiful couple.

Well, today is a gorgeous fall day with beautiful temperatures, beautiful leaves, and beautiful sunny skies.  So Viola and I are off to take a walk.


Wicked October 22, 2010

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I love musicals!  I love going to theater and watching how a production is put on; seeing the sets and set changes, the costumes, the lighting, everything about it.  It is beautiful and magical!  Yesterday my in-laws took Caleb and I to see the show “Wicked”.  I was absolutely blown away.  I sat there in awe, trying to take in every piece of the show.  Not just the actors, the music, the dancing, and the dialogue (which were phenomenal), but everything else that goes into it.  Everything you don’t see on the surface – all of the people back stage (and under the stage) that make the show flawless, without whom there wouldn’t be a show.  Maybe it’s because I worked back stage in high school, but this all just fascinates me!  I thought about all of the hard work and preparation that it takes to create a show like this.  From auditions and rehearsals to building and painting the set to collecting the right props to making the costumes and so much more.  My friend Renee has been blogging about beautiful things, and this would definitely qualify under that for me!  It’s beautiful to me how all of these people work together in each of their individual roles to put together a show that is — well, I’m repeating myself, but beautiful and magical!

It got me thinking about the Body of Christ – how we work (or are supposed to work) as individuals and yet as one unit, with one purpose – and the result will be a beautiful thing.

Anyway, it’s late and I need to get to bed.  I’ll post pictures later.


And I’ve Never Been to Boston in the Fall October 18, 2010

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Catchy song, but officially untrue for me!  I actually have been to Boston in the fall now thanks to my wonderful, incredible, handsome husband!  He surprised me with a trip to Boston for our anniversary this past weekend.

We had a lot of fun.  We stayed at “The Bed & Breakfast Afloat.”  Basically we had a little houseboat that was tied to the dock.  It housed our bed, a little closet, a mini fridge, a small T.V., and a bathroom.  It was quaint and wonderful!  (I have been teaching Caleb about the use of the word quaint.)


Our Houseboat


We saw lots of fun things….

U.S.S. Constitution

Climbing down into the belly of "Old Iron Sides"

The sailors slept in these hammocks

The long guns each had a name.


Norm! ...I mean...Caleb!

Paul Revere's home

Old North Church

Old North Church

Apparently Bunker Hill used to be as tall as this monument.

Bunker Hill

Boston Massacre site

Harvard church

Books from the original collection of John Harvard

Followed the “Freedom Trail”

The Freedom Trail

And we ate some delicious food!

Boston Cream Pie - Yum!

And met some very friendly squirrels…

Overall we had a blast just being together and celebrating our marriage.  God has greatly blessed our family, and I am so happy to be celebrating two years of marriage with this man.  I’m looking forward to many more years filled with great the great adventures God will lead us through!

Also, thanks to my mom for coming and staying with Viola so that Caleb and I could be child-less for the weekend.  🙂  Now it’s time to have some fun with the in-laws!  First up:  watching the Colts game!


Tweeting October 11, 2010

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I started this blog for my Proclamation and Communication class.  Now I’m starting a Twitter account for the same reason.  Ugh.  But I can’t figure out how to link this, Facebook, and Twitter.  I know there’s a way, I’m just not smart (read nerdy) enough to figure it all out.  Also, I get a little ADD trying to figure it all out and end up totally lost.  Someone please help me!

My friend Lyndsey from home in Indiana was here visiting this weekend.  It was a short but fun visit.  🙂  We love having people come stay with us!  My mom is coming in on Wednesday to watch Viola for us while we go away for our anniversary, then my in-laws are coming on Saturday evening to stay for the week.  Viola is going to be very spoiled by the end of these two weeks, but that’s ok!  We love it!

I was reading an article the other day about American’s religious knowledge (a friend of mine posted it on her Facebook page).  Basically the article is crap.  The author miss represents the statistics and makes some broad generalizations that are unfounded.  He also makes a statement that is totally false as well as one that seems fairly racist.  He says, “Most know that the Golden Rule is not part of the Bible  — but a little more than half of Protestants thought it was.”  The good thing about this statement is that it shows that a little over half of Protestants got the question right.  See ’cause the “Golden Rule” actually is in the Bible.  Check out Matthew 7:12.  The survey and subsequent findings that this article was based on were actually fairly interesting.  Incidentally, I took the quiz and got 14 out of 15 questions correct.  You should take the quiz too and test your knowledge.  Anyway, all of this to say that I have been realizing more and more how easily people can put things on the Internet (and people assume they are truth).  Technology has done many great things for our world, but I think it has also made people significantly dumber.  By dumber I mean less knowledgeable, less articulate, less commonsensical, as well as far worse in basic language skills such as grammar and spelling.  Maybe it is just the teacher in me, but these things really bother me.  I feel like they are important parts of being people.  Maybe I’m just old fashioned.  Anyway, that is my rant for now.  I better go get Viola some food and work on my other homework.


My little cheerleader October 6, 2010

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We were in mourning on Sunday, so I didn’t feel like posting these pictures.  But we’ve moved beyond it and it’s a new week.  We were so close last week….I had such great hope…and then that hope was dashed.  A 59-yard field goal?!  Seriously, I have to give the guy props on it.  We played a good game, especially considering all of the injuries we’re dealing with.  ::sigh::  0-2 in the division….1-2 overall….not a great way to start a season.  I’ve got faith, though!  It’s still very early in the season, and you can’t be amazingly incredible every year.  In fact we seem to do better when we’re the underdogs.  So here’s to a new week!

I love football! Is it weird that I’m a bigger sports fan than my husband?  Works for me though, because this way I can teach our kids to be Colts fans!  Anyway, so I had some fun taking pictures of my little cheerleader (and me).  Feel free to make fun of my nerdiness.  (Yes, I just made up the word nerdiness.)


Baby Proofing October 5, 2010

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Well, it’s time to baby-proof at the Kohl house (ok, apartment).

our living room and dining room

Viola has been moving for a while now — scooting, rolling, crawling backwards (and getting angry about it) — but there was no actual crawling going on.  Until this weekend.  Saturday night it was like something just went “click”!  If you’ve seen the movie Despicable Me it was like “light bulb!”  And now she won’t stop.  She’s EVERYWHERE!  Yesterday I left her in the living room while I walked into the bedroom (don’t worry, I could see her from where I was), and the next thing I knew she was next to me in the bedroom.  While this is all very fun and exciting it also presents a few problems:

1.  Viola refuses to sit still for anything (with the exception of food).  This means diapers, clothing, nose wiping, bath time, everything is significantly more complicated.

2.  If she wakes up even the slightest bit, she thinks it’s time to crawl.  So she gets herself up on her hands and knees and tries to crawl around the crib.  The problem with this is, she’s still mostly asleep so she ends up crying and not getting enough sleep.

3.  There are a lot more things that are threats than I even realized.  It’s going to take some major ingenuity on our part to figure out what to do with DVD racks, computers and printers, books, book shelves, the TV stand, and several other potential issues (as in things that can hurt her and also things that she can hurt.)

4.  Now that she can crawl, she can get herself to the furniture more easily.  I mentioned in a previous post that she was learning to pull herself up on stuff.  Well, you can imagine how much more frequent that is now that she can actually get to the furniture on her own.

Just another exciting chapter in the Chronicles of Kohl.


Rain Rain Go Away October 1, 2010

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It’s been rainy all week.  Wednesday was the only day that the sun decided to appear.  At the beginning of the week I felt like it was weighing me down, making me feel depressed.  But then last night happened.  In our Mom’s Prayer group last night we kept coming back to the theme of water.  Miriam had a vision of a waterfall flowing down between us and refreshing us.  So today my perspective on the rain has changed.  This rain is giving life to the earth.  It’s bringing refreshment and peace.  How desperately I need that in my own life!  I need the Holy Spirit to pour down on me for weeks and weeks, filling me up, refreshing my soul, bringing life — abundant life.

Psalm 1:3  We are like “tress planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he (we) does prospers.”