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This adventure we call life in the Kohl Family

The Journey Begins September 30, 2010

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So begins the blogging journey.  I wanted to use this platform to express my thoughts on Mommy-hood and balancing new roles.

Now that I’ve been at this Mommy thing for 9 months,

Me and My Girl

Viola at 3 months smiling with Mommy

I’m pretty much an expert.  Well, not really, but I do have some thoughts to share, advice to give, hopes and dreams to express, and hopefully something that will be helpful to my readers’ lives.  I also hope that you’ll have something to share with me.  Here you’ll find an interesting expose on the meaning of life….or maybe just a few random thoughts thrown together in whatever time I happen to have between classes and being a TA at Alliance Theological Seminary (http://www.nyack.edu/ats2010), children (mine and others), my husband,

my family,

church, and working on my accreditation for the CMA (cmalliance.org).  (I told you there were some roles to balance in my life.)  Yea, life’s a little crazy, but God is good.  There’s my life in a nutshell.


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