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9 Months and Already Famous September 30, 2010

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We took Viola for her 9 month check up today.  Check out her measurements at Circle of Moms She is growing so big!  Dr. Zatz said that she’s allowed to start eating table food now, “Whatever you’re having,” he told us.  Other than the obvious ones: honey and peanuts.  So after she wakes up from her nap (which she is finally taking!), we will be giving her a little spaghetti.  I’m excited, but also a little nervous about this.  It means my baby girl is growing up.

Speaking of growing up…Viola’s going to have all sorts of experiences before she can even remember any of it.  One of which is her first TV appearance:  Viola on GMA She looked super cute that day!

The shirt is what got her on the show!

Georg and Juju loved it!

Caleb and I have decided that even though she won’t remember this stuff, we should do it anyway.  For one, we’ll have the pictures.  Plus, she won’t remember, but we will!  What is/was your philosophy on that?


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